1. hatsandmilkmakecomics:

    Pages from the latest issue of The Gutter – featuring friends, enemies, and various other talented people.

    Pick up a copy here.

  2. I did another (v. scrappy) comic for The Gutter, here’s a small preview or something.

  4. tba shortly

  6. I did a comic of a nightmare I had a few nights ago. Gross.

  8. Reeks of Effort have a stage at Swn 2013 - so excited for this!

    We are a UK DIY collective based primarily in Cardiff/Manchester/London/Oxford. Since forming in 2010 we have put out releases by acts such as Joanna Gruesome, Playlounge, King of Cats and Joey Fourr, and put on the likes of Evans The Death, Nai Harvest and Best Friends as well as Reeks of Effort regulars. It’s pretty awesome to get to be involved with Swn, we’ve all been going to gigs they’ve put on since we were 17 or something so it’s like we’re finally getting to hang out with the big kids in the Cardiff scene and get an opportunity to freak out all the squares.

    See you there..